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We love stuffed toys!

If you have just dropped by on your internet surfing spree, well you are just in luck! We here at Stuffed Animals Planet think that stuffed toys are one of the most fantastic creations ever. Second to pizza… because everybody loves pizza right? You’ve probably stumbled your way through countless stuffed animals websites, thinking to yourself… I wish I could just find the “one”. The place where I can indulge in my obsessive tendencies, read about cool, weird plushies.. maybe even shop for a few.

Well look no further, Stuffed Animals Planet is here! We love to write about all things plushy related, especially the ones that grab us by the soul and beg us to buy them. I mean some of them are just so darned cute! Come check out our blog, we’re always trying our best to update you guys on cool plush we’ve found. We’re not fussed about the “latest” and “greatest”, we’re more about the plush toys that really make good company. Company for when you’re watching the TV, when you’re in serious need of a hug, or even a friend to eat with… You know the drill.

We choose the plush toys that we think are worthy of your attention. We aim to promote stuffed animals that will make you smile. Because, that’s what life’s about. The little things that make you happy. We know plushies are sure to bring that little bit of joy into yours, so come chill with us.

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